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Cant create QR Code EPS with transparent background

first post: stefwill wrote: The working example using this code on

latest post: Avivo wrote: Esponce API also provides the transparent option, including the alp...

Unable to build sample program

first post: SpokaneDude wrote: Hello... I just downloaded the API and put it into VS 2010... I am ...

latest post: Avivo wrote: CathyDemi: the Download link does not work on the site, tried with ...

Api integration in windows 8 store

first post: hocine1994 wrote: I've managed to integrate the api in a windows 8 store app. It wor...

latest post: Avivo wrote: Sorry, but the API accepts only [QR Codes](

Not Found error : Windows phone 7.5

first post: apole wrote: Hi, When I run simple var client = new QRCodeClient(); ...

latest post: Avivo wrote: The "generate" method should work out of the box but requires inte...

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